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For the past 2 decades VET HON Veterinary Medicine has strived to develop non-antibiotic treatments to cure animal diseases. The goal is to develop remedies that are more effective than tarditional medicines. Our products are recognized both nationally and internationally. Established in 1982, VET HON has achieved many successes and is a leader in natural medicines. We are directed by Dr. Gao Qingtian and supported by many veterinary medicine experts at various agricultural universities throughout the country. Our combination of research, manufacturing and practice enables farmers and veterinarians to effectively treat sick animals without using antibiotics.

Our products include:
Masfrigao Masfrigao - a mastitis treatment for infusion directly into the udder. Packed in 100ml , 50ml vial;
Antiflamgao Quartergao(Antiflamgao) - an ointment for treatment of mastitis in cows. Packed in 600g , 300g and 150g jar;
Uterigao Uterigao - an infusion for metritis in cows. Packed in 200ml and 100ml vial;
Extigao Hoofgao - a treatment for foot rot in cattler. Packed in 100g; powder
Sharreagao Sharreagao - a treatment for diarrhia in calves. 50g powder bag;

Gastrigao - a treatment for cattle with digestive upsets. กกกก250g powder bag;

  Pregao - an aid to help cows conceive. 250g powder bag;
Pregao Arthrogao - a treatment for arthritis

VET HON also provides products for many other animals including horses, goats, swine and even pets. We are committed to providing alternatives to antibiotic medicine.

Completely Effective... Completely Safe!

VET HON products has a proven track record on many farms in China and other parts of the world. Find out for yourself what VET HON products will do for your cows on your farm. Just send us a email.

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