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Proven Results Through Testing

Masfrigao and Quartergao has undergone very thorough testing and has proven each time to perform as good and almost always better than traditional methods of treating mastitis. The following table is a summary of 6 of these tests on separate dairy farms in China.

Farm Name # of Treated Quarters Cure Rate
Hangzhou Dairy Co. - Herd 1 50 100%
Hangzhou Dairy Co. - Herd 2 57 100%
Shanghai FX JK Dairy Herd 50 95.4%
Hangjiang Dairy Herd 200 98%
Yuhang PS Dairy Herd 300 95%
Nanhu Dairy Herd 38 100%

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VET HON products has a proven track record on many farms in China and other parts of the world. Find out for yourself what VET HON products will do for your cows on your farm. Just send us a email.

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